The movement to Unite North America, UNA, sees uniting Canada, Mexico, and the United States of America as the first step toward our goal of continental unification.

Emblematic of our aim is the UNA flag, which welds together the beautiful, red, white and blue of Old Glory, the distinctive proportions of the Canadian tripartite flag, and the Mexican idea of an eagle to symbolize the nobility and power of our continental empire.

Uniting North America is a historical necessity. History proves the only practical way to create an empire is monarchy. Our movement to unite North America sees constitutional monarchy as the only practical means to achieve the political unification of our continent.

UNA proposes constitutional monarchy as a time-tested, efficacious alternative to the fragmented, expensive, and inefficient government structures of our existing republics. It believes that constitutional monarchy is unique among proven government systems in its ability to replace compromise with reason as we search for solutions to the real problems of the 21st century.

Because it is not a political party, UNA does not offer a shopping list of promises. A political party is too narrow a vehicle for uniting North America, for adopting a new constitution, for creating a new system of government.

North America can be united only by a broad based movement of people, people who believe there is a "common good" that can be ascertained by reason. Far too often the common good is sacrificed on the altars of private interests and reason replaced with compromise whereby self-interest is aggregated until a majority is formed. UNA reaches out to people who are concerned about the increasing concentration of power in extra-constitutional hands and the inability of republican governmental structures to overcome and control them.

UNA offers a vision of an alternative future. It brings together left and right, young and old, rich and poor, uniting all races and ethnic groups, regardless of class, in an effort to create a radically different future for ourselves and our posterity. UNA's mission is to educate, to inform, and to give hope to all the people of North America.