Constitutional Monarchy is the only form of government that history can sanction, able to overcome the military/industrial/congressional complex that so effectively controls the American republic. For more than 200 years we have experienced the twin disasters of federalism and separation of powers, the so-called balance of powers. In our daily lives, we see the sacrifice of our common interest on the altar of private interest. From our experience, we know republics do little more than provide innumerable office-holding possibilities for society's natural elite.

Constitutional Monarchy is the only form of government able to unite North America. We are determined to use the concentrated power of monarchy within a modern constitutional framework to create a better life for ourselves and our children. Uniting Canada, Mexico, and the United States of America is only the first step in consolidating all North America into one mighty nation, from Alaska to Panama, from California to Newfoundland.

The peoples of Europe endured the consequences of division for more than 1500 years, from the fall of the Roman republic/empire to the rise of the European Union. We in the New World do not have 1500 years to waste before combining and unleashing the talents of our 500 million people. The EU has bridged more than 27 languages and overcome the animosities and suspicions of 28 nations, some more than a thousand years old. North America with only three principal languages- English, French and Spanish -envisions the amalgamation of ten mainland nations that are already deeply entwined economically, culturally, historically, politically and socially.

Join UNA in letting all North Americans know about the brilliant future that stands before us, the greatest adventure of the 21st Century.




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